We offer solutions to the everyday needs of women.  From reproductive health, endometriosis, PCOS, pelvic floor issues, headaches, irritable bowel, hot sweats, fatigue or pain, we can help.


  • reproductive health
  • irregular, painful or heavy  periods
  • insomnia, nightmares
  • fatigue, forgetfulness, mood swings
  • pregnancy support, natural labour induction
  • alleviating morning sickness
  • getting your body ready to birth with natural induction
  • menopause 
  • treatment for pain, aches, muscle or joint stress
  • sinusitis
  • irritable bowel or digestive complaints
  • stress, anxiety or depression
  • musculoskeletal or Sports Injuries
  • non-invasive needles acupuncture, for children, elderly or phobias of needles


  • pelvic floor assessment and rehabilitation
  • incontinance or bladder issues
  • rehabilitation from pelvic floor surgery or hysterectomy
  • treatment for pain, aches, muscle or joint stress
  • alleviating chronic problems, reducing pain thoracic, back, shoulders and neck
  • repetitive strain injury, trapped nerves, disc problems
  • core rehabilitation
  • returning to exercise  and sex post birth assessment 


  • repetitive strain injuries, trapped nerves, sciatica, disc problems
  • for pain, aches, muscle or joint stress
  • headache and migraine relief
  • improving circulation and lymphatic flow
  • recovery after surgery, or pre surgery care


  • pregnancy massage
  • postnatal recovery massage
  • body birth ready massage
  • aromatherapy massage


  • stop smoking
  • weight loss, virtual gastric band hypnosis
  • addiction
  • stress & Anxiety
  • loss, Grief, Shock
  • life Coaching


  • food allergies & sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies
  • stress & anxiety, emotional issues
  • past traumas, loss, grief, shock
  • life coaching, achieving goals


  • adrenal fatigue
  • stress
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • digestive issues
  • insomnia
  • immune support
  • children’s health
  • general lifestyle advice

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