A customer must purchase at least $50.00 Australian Dollars per gift voucher.

Larger values are available; the total value gift voucher may not exceed $500.00 Australian dollars.

AOHW Natural Therapy Centre gift vouchers are only valid for the amount displayed on the certificate and cannot be exchanged for cash.

The dollar value that is purchased on the gift voucher is a pre-payment.  The gift voucher should be looked after by the customer or gift recipient like cash.

Payment for an online gift voucher may be made by any of the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa or American Express or Paypal.

All stated prices are in Australian dollars and include Goods and Services tax (GST) at the current rate of 10% in Australia.

All AOHW Natural Therapy Centre gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

AOHW gift vouchers are delivered by email to the email address nominated by the customer upon purchase.  Some email accounts (such as work email and Hotmail accounts) may categorise our email gift certificate as unwanted or ‘spam’ email.  To avoid this, please add our email address info@aohw.com.au to your address book.  Upon delivery of the gift voucher to the customer, the customer accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the gift voucher.

AOHW Natural Therapy Centre is not liable or responsible for any loss suffered as a result of an email gift voucher being blocked by web filters or firewalls.  If the recipient does not receive the email gift voucher, please contact AOHW on 1800 089 770 or info@aohw.com.au to send gift vouchers to alternate email address.

All gift vouchers will have the appropriate expiry date marked on them and will expire on that expiry date.  Gift voucher expiry dates cannot be extended under any circumstances.  All of the value the gift voucher should be used before the expiry date.  Any unused value will not be refunded and will become the property of AOHW Natural Therapy Centre upon expiry.

After a gift voucher has expired, it is no longer valid.  If you have any questions regarding the expiry date of the gift voucher please email info@aohw.com.au.

Should a gift voucher be lost or stolen, the customer should contact AOHW on 1800 089 770 or info@aohw.com.au immediately and quote the gift voucher number appearing on the voucher and be able to prove the value remaining on the gift voucher.

If the customer quotes the gift voucher number, AOHW Natural therapy Clinic will endeavour to ensure that this is noted on our records in order to prevent unauthorised use of the gift voucher.

If the email that contained the original gift voucher is deleted and the customer is unable to print out the lost gift voucher, the AOHW Natural Therapy Centre team can be contacted to email the gift voucher to the customer.  The voucher will only be emailed to the recipient or the purchaser of the voucher.  Unused value on a lost or stolen gift voucher may not be refunded or exchanged for cash or credit.

By selecting ‘Purchase Voucher’ button, the customer accepts all these terms and conditions.

AOHW Natural Therapy Centre reserves the right to modify, change or amend these terms and conditions at any time effective immediately upon notification on the AOHW Natural Therapy Centre website.