Calmbirth Full Payment for Refresher Class


This is a quick and effective way to pay and secure your Calmbirth class with Melinda Webb in Rozelle.

Payments amounts are structured as follows and each relates to one ticket or up two people;

$300 – Secure the Refresher Calmbirth Class with a full upfront payment. (Minimum two groups to proceed, and must have previously done the full Calmbirth course)

$550 – Secure the Group Calmbirth Class with a full upfront payment. ( max Seven couples)

$800 – full payment for Private Calmbirth Class

Once your payment has been received, and If you haven’t already done so, a short registration form and questionnaire will be emailed to you along with other details and what to expect.

Otherwise please call Mel on 0413 28 77 99 or email and we will reserve a spot and send you an invoice.