Rhiannon Jones

Pregnancy massage Therapist, Aromatherapist & Registered Nurse
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  • About Rhiannon

    Rhiannon has been working as a registered nurse after completing her degree in London in 2007, and has qualified as a Pregnancy Massage therapist. After arriving in Australia in 2012, she fell in love with natural health. She is passionate about preventative health and empowering others to take control of their health naturally.

    After having her daughter Abbey, Rhiannon decided to study pregnancy massage, as she felt the benefits during her own pregnancy, and felt the changes the body goes through within this time benefited from massage. As a qualified Aromatherapist Rhiannon combines essential oils with her massage. Rhiannon is available on Saturday in clinic and bookings fill quickly so book today!

  • Practice

    Is massage during and after your pregnancy ok? Absolutely!!

    Pregnancy Massage is a safe and highly effective tool for pain relief, promoting relaxation and increasing energy levels in all stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period of many changes. A woman’s entire body adapts to a new life growing within. Most of these changes are welcomed and enjoyable, although some may be uncomfortable and not as pleasant.

    The tension caused by stress, along with the physical changes of pregnancy, can exhaust your energy levels. Many mothers also continue to work full time right into their final weeks of their last term. Receiving regular massage therapy treatments throughout pregnancy can help relieve physical and emotional tension, improve sleep and boost energy levels.

    Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Therapy:

    1. Decrease pain and discomfort by reducing muscle tension and joint stiffness

    2. Reduce muscle cramps

    3. Improve mood and promote relaxation

    4. Improve circulation and reduce excess fluid retention

    5. Stimulate the lymph system and boost immunity

    6. Decrease stress

    Your health and wellness is important for you and the baby, and is important to us. We would be honoured to provide some relief and relaxation on your exciting journey!

  • Qualifications

    Pregnancy Massage Therapist


    Registered Nurse