Eleanor Lee-Bognar

Physiotherapist - Women's Health
+0410 680 890
  • About Eleanor

    Eleanor has worked in women’s health since 1997. She graduated in physiotherapy in 1982. She is well established in the inner west as a women’s health physiotherapist. Eleanor has worked at The Royal Hospital for Women, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Fairfield Hospital in developing her training as a women’s health physiotherapist. Over the past 8 years she has also gained recognition with local medical practices, obstetricians, urogynaecologists, gynaecologists and complimentary therapists for her work as a private practitioner in women’s health.

  • Beliefs

    “Every woman should be pro-active towards gaining knowledge and learning ways to prevent problems with their pelvic floor-regardless of age.”

  • Practice

    Eleanor assesses and provides conservative management to treat a range of conditions classified under women’s health. working with:
    • incontinence of bladder or bowel
    • pain with intercourse
    • pelvic floor muscle weakness
    • high toned pelvic floor muscles
    • prolapse symptoms
    • bladder frequency and urgency
    • pelvic floor re-education for chronic constipation
    • back and pelvic pain
    • abdominal separations
    • postnatal body check for readiness to return to exercise
    • management of wrist or thumb pain
    • general soft tissue & musculoskeletal conditions
  • Qualifications

    • B.Sc (UNSW)
    • Grad Dip (Physiotherapy) (Cumberland)