Mens Health Treatment

Mens Health

Everything from sporting injuries to stress management.

  • Chronic health issues – acupuncture, osteopathy, kinesiology, physiotherapy, nutrition
  • Sports injuries, muscle or joint problems – osteopathy, acupuncture, kinesiology, massage
  • Sleep and Insomnia – acupuncture, kinesiology, osteopathy, nutrition
  • Stress and Anxiety -acupuncture, kinesiology, osteopathy, life coaching, nutrition
  • Depression -acupuncture, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, life coaching, nutrition
  • Fertility Problems – acupuncture, kinesiology, nutrition
  • Addiction – hypnotherapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, life coaching, nutrition
  • Sinus – acupuncture, osteopathy, kinesiology
  • Digestive issues – acupuncture, kinesiology, osteopathy, nutrition
  • Diabetes – acupuncture, nutrition
  • Obesity, eating disorders – nutrition, kinesiology, hypnotherapy
  • Cancer – nutrition, acupuncture
  • Time management – kinesiology, hypnotherapy, life coaching
  • General wellbeing – all modalities

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