Why Have Acupuncture During Pregnancy

My daily schedule is filled with women in all stages of their pregnancy.  Some day’s clinic is abundant with mums in their last trimester and others days it’s a combination with those in their first trimester.  Regardless of where you are in your pregnancy there are many benefits to having acupuncture.

Here’s why I like to see women in pregnancy:

I work with women to improve uterine blood flow before they conceive, keeping the blood flow going throughout the first twelve weeks is a necessity in preventing preeclampsia, small babies (Intrauterine Growth retardation IUGR) and gestational diabetes. Adequate circulation is important for the development of the brain and body.

Acupuncture helps with preventing miscarriage, ensuring there is good blood flow, and addressing other key factors, especially if there has been a previous loss with miscarriage.

If you feel you can tick any of these uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, then you certainly benefit from having acupuncture:

  • Morning Sickness with nausea or vomiting
  • The smell of food makes you ill
  • Your visits to the toilet increased
  • Your energy levels are low and you feel fatigued
  • Your bowels have gone on strike and your constipated
  • Whatever you eat gives you heartburn or reflux
  • Your feeling dizzy and lightheaded
  • Your hands and feet are swelling
  • Moving causes pelvic pain
  • Your back is sore or painful
  • Sciatica is shooting down your legs
  • Your experiencing headaches
  • Counting sheep is a new pastime as you can’t sleep
  • Your feeling anxious, fearful or depressed
  • Do you have a high-risk pregnancy; acupuncture helps with:
  • Placenta previa – both acupuncture and herbs help
  • Incompetent cervix
  • High blood pressure
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Breech, posterior or malposition, best done at 34-36 weeks
  • Natural labour – a few visits are required to ripen the cervix, and help with moving baby down.



When to Visit for a Treatment

From when you know you’re pregnant until week 16

The visits are weekly, this is for holding a pregnancy, preventing a miscarriage.

It is the peak time for placental development, so uterine blood flow is vital. This ensures there is adequate blood for proper growth and development for your whole pregnancy.

17-28 weeks

I like to see you on a monthly basis, to ensure your immune system is strong, relieve any muscular issues, sleeplessness, fatigue or other ailments that may arise

Weeks 29-36

Having a fortnightly treatment over this time aids with any physical discomfort that may arise.  If at 34 weeks baby is in a malposition, then we work to move them to an ideal position for labour. 

Weeks 36-40

This is when weekly visits are a must, we turn breech or posterior babies, we ripen your cervix from 36 weeks, get your uterus tightening from 38weeks. From 38 weeks we recommend two visits a week, to ensure your mindbody is ready for labour and birth.

If you know of someone who is pregnant and would benefit from this advice, feel free to forward it on!



 Have an Acu- Doula at Your Birth

Melinda has been a Doula since 2008, and attends several births throughout the year to support mothers and their birthing partners.  She uses both acupuncture and acupressure to help with getting a rhythm with contractions, establishing labour, to shorten labour and reduce pain. She is on call from 38 -42 weeks, arrives at your home or place of birth to offer full support for both you and your partner.

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