Getting pregnant is clearly not just abut having sex at the right time, or going through an IVF cycle.  Everyone’s circumstances are different and therefore your treatment is about building a rapport with you, and working with the different modalities to ensure you are cared for. We take into account your lifestyle and see how we can help you by:

Acupuncture is used with Fertility for:

  • Regulating your menstrual cycle
  • Reducing stress, boosting a positive mind set
  • Improving blood circulation to the pelvic organs, including ovaries and uterus, enhancing endometrial thickness
  • Helping trigger ovulation
  • Helping with PCOS, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea or pelvic inflammation
  • Relieving insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression
  • Preventing miscarriage

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

The mind is  very powerful, influencing the process of conception.

Getting pregnant comes with a lot of emotions, whether it’s having sex at the right time to conceive or going through IVF.

Your thoughts, emotions and behaviours can increase anxiety and can lead to depression. Support is important when trying to conceive. Staying optimistic is not always easy. Having a positive mindset and not feeling anxious can be hard to do.

Using Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to access your mental power allowing you to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Obtain a positive mindset
  • Work through emotional blocks
  • Release fears or anxieties
  • Re-programme any unhelpful habits
  • Used for miscarriage, effective for dealing with feelings, allowing you to reach deeper levels for relaxation, and managing stress.

Using Hypnotherapy allows your subconscious part of your mind to relax & become highly focused. With a guided session of Hypnotherapy we make a positive impact on your subconscious mind, even though you are completely in control and aware of your surroundings.

As Hypnotherapy has a cumulative effect, it is ideal to have a number of sessions. We provide you with technics that you can use on your own, whenever you need to access a positive state of mind.

Hypnotherapy is used for both natural conception and IVF.

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Counselling for Fertility

Counselling therapy provides support through difficult times.  Both emotional and psychological blocks can get in the way of falling pregnant. Feelings towards sex can become negative, causing friction between partners. Some find repeated failed attempts at IVF or recurrent miscarriage can create feelings of negativity and despair, leaving a break down in their relationship. Counselling can help you let go and change your mindset, giving you strategies for learning how to cope with the day to day stresses.

To book a session with Lisiane or for more information contact:

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