Calmbirth Classes create confidence for birthing your baby.

Weekend workshops are held over two Sunday’s, the last Sunday of the month, followed by the first Sunday of the month.

They run from 9.30am – 4.30am, at the Art of Health & Wellbeing in Leichhardt.

The best time to attend a workshop is between 24- 34 weeks, however, couples do attend after 34 weeks, up to 40 weeks.

Class participants receive a Calmbirth book and link to audio tracks to assist with practice after the classes have completed.

Places are limited, as group sizes are 7 couples, so book early to secure your spot.

Cost – Weekend Group Class $550, Private Classes within clinic $800. Once the booking is made, full payment is required to confirm your class.

An invoice is sent once your class is reserved.  Private Health rebates may be available from your fund.  Book under Group Sessions Below.

Acupuncture Care Packages discounted by up to 10%

The perfect baby shower gift, congratulations on becoming pregnant, or just a bundle of wellness to spoil that special someone, even yourself!

Book 5 Follow Up Acupuncture sessions and receive 5% discount.

Book 10 Follow Up Acupuncture sessions and receive a 10% discount.

Acupuncture Pregnancy/Postpartum Care Packages

9 Month Comprehensive Care Packages – This is a great gift for a new mum.

This care package is for those wanting an individualised care plan that gives you support throughout your whole pregnancy.  We revise your plan monthly to your specific needs.  Caring for your body which is  forever changing with the growth of your baby, allows us to support you both mentally, physically and emotionally.  This package provides you with a 25% discount on overall treatment.  You receive 32 treatments with this package, if all treatments are not used before the birth of your baby, they are carried forward to after your birth, to be used at your leisure.

1st Trimester:

We recommend weekly treatments for holding your pregnancy, boosting your immune system and energy, and keeping morning sickness at bay. Offering you 12 treatment sessions.

2nd Trimester:

Fortnightly treatments are scheduled, offering you 12 treatment sessions, leading up to 35 weeks gestation.

Labour Preparation:

 Treatments for week 35 – 37 are weekly, from 38 we recommend 2 treatments per week, and at 39 weeks until your birth we encourage you to have 3 treatments per week.  This helps with promoting labour, ripening the cervix, aiding with dilation, promoting a natural labour.

This Package is valued at $2880, with 25% discount it is $2160.  All treatments can be claimed on health insurance.

Labour Preparation Package

This is about getting your mindbody ready for the birth of your baby.  The Labour Support Package provides acupuncture from 36 weeks of pregnancy, we reassure, support, and resolve any fears.  From 38 weeks we use acupuncture to influence cervical ripening and dilation, promote natural labour.  Acupuncture decreases pain and discomfort, helps with getting good quality sleep and relieves stress.  This package gives you 12 treatments for the price of 10.  Any treatments not used, can be used for postnatal treatments.  The cost of the Labour Preparation Package is $900, this is a saving of $180.


1 treatment in week 36 and 1 in week 37

2 treatments in week 38

3 treatments week 39 until your birth.

VBAC Care Package

This package is for those wanting a vaginal birth after caesarean.  We use acupuncture from 36 weeks gestation to prepare you both mentally and physically, getting baby positioned correctly, and ready for labour.  This Care Package gives you 12 treatments, yet you only pay for 10.  VBAC Care Package is $900, this is a saving of $180.  Treatments not used can be carried over for postnatal treatment.


1 treatment in week 36 and 1 treatment in week 37

2 treatments in week 38

3 treatments in week 39 until your birth.

Postpartum Care Package – ‘Mother Roasting’

‘Mother Roasting’  is where we use moxa to warm the mother and aid with recovery.  The postnatal period is known as the ‘fourth trimester’, it’s where women come into clinic to feel supported, nurtured, receiving emotional support and help with getting physically well.  In the first 10 days after birth your body takes on many changes, and we believe this is the time when support is a necessity.   We are here to enhance your wellbeing.

Acupuncture treats:

  • Breastfeeding Issues – engorged breasts, lack of milk, blocked ducts, mastitis
  • Urinary problems
  • After pains, pain management after caesarean
  • Sweating following delivery
  • Emotional issues/ Postnatal depression