Thank you for reaching out during a time when you want change to happen. If your feeling stuck, life isn’t quite how you want it to be?  Feeling depressed or anxious, struggling with day to day life or work?  Is your relationship feeling like an up hill battle.  Therapy can help to address specific issues, making you feel supported and understood.

Our therapist is committed to your growth and development, helping you gain insight and understanding about certain triggers or reactions.  We can help you implement certain strategies and give you tools for you to be in control of your life.

We work with:


  • depression, anxiety
  • dating/relationships
  • anger management


  • pre-marital
  • couples/marital counselling
  • infidelity
  • divorce


  • children
  • adolescent
  • family
  • parenting

Counselling for Fertility

Counselling therapy provides support through difficult times.  Both emotional and psychological blocks can get in the way of falling pregnant. Feelings towards sex can become negative, causing friction between partners. Some find repeated failed attempts at IVF or recurrent miscarriage can create feelings of negativity and despair, leaving a break down in their relationship. Counselling can help you let go and change your mindset, giving you strategies for learning how to cope with the day to day stresses.

To book a session with Lisiane or for more information contact:

info@aohw.com.au or call 0425 316 402