Calmbirth Classes with Melinda Webb

Calmbirth classes with Melinda are available for groups or as individuals. The best time to attend a class is between 24-35 weeks gestation, however clients have used Calmbirth when over due.  Each class provides you with techniques that become life skills.

You gain knowledge in:

  • The physiology of birth and how a woman’s body is designed to function in labour.
  • How to eliminate fear and tension that can inhibit labour and birth.
  • Simple, effective breathing techniques to relax and work with your body in labour.
  • Acupressure, massage techniques and positioning for labour.
  • For partners or birthing companions we equip them with ways to work with mum during her labour, skills that are useful pre-labour and postnatally.
  • As parents it provides you with insight into bonding and the developing parent/baby relationship.

Melinda is a qualified Dr. Chinese medicine, Calmbirth Practitioner, Doula and has two young adult children.  After giving birth to her second child, Milla at the birth centre in Randwick, Melinda realised how incredible birth could be, and wanted to share this experience and educate parents to be on how to make a difference in birth.  Remy, Melinda’s first child was born after having an induction, and the difference between the two births was incredible.  Melinda realised how important it is to prepare both physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby.

In clinic Melinda works in Women’s Health & Wellbeing, using acupuncture and herbal medicine, and coaches women through their pregnancy.  She provides many tips and great tools for both mum and her birthing companion.

Please note breastfeeding and newborn care are not heavily discussed and this should be taken as an alternate class, we offer both breastfeeding and newborn care workshops. 

If you want to feel like you have someone by your side that knows it all in regards to pregnancy, birth and parenting then book a Calmbirth Class with Melinda to find out more!


Calmbirth Refresher Classes Available

The one day Calmbirth® refresher class is intended for couples who have previously attended a full weekend of a Calmbirth® class. The one-day refresher class is available to couples who are expecting their 2nd, 3rd or subsequent babies. The Refresher class is appropriately arranged, so as to give pregnant couples, once again, the opportunity to review and fine tune the beliefs, knowledge and skills underpinning the Calmbirth® philosophy of childbirth education.

Please note: that these refresher classes will ONLY proceed if two or more couples are booked in. We will notify you if the class will not be proceeding. 

Classes are held on a Sunday,  9.30 – 3.30, with a lunch break at 1pm

October 14th

November 18th

December 2nd

January 13th

February 10th

March 24th


2 Day Calmbirth Class

Calmbirth Classes are held over two Sunday's or a weekend. You will receive a Calmbirth book full of wonderful stories from other's who have done the program, along with tools and tips. The relaxation scripts learnt within class are given to you as audio tracks, for you to practice. This class offers a view into Melinda's life as a Doula, Acupuncturist and Pregnancy and Birth Mentor, it delivers far more than the regular childbirth class.

Call Melinda to chat about your pregnancy and the Calmbirth classes or book a free 15 minute consult to discuss your needs - 0413 287 799

Our group sessions are limited to 5 couples to ensure you feel like you are getting a more intimate class that caters to each couple.
The cost is $550.00 for a group session.

Some prefer to book a Private Class, suited to your individual needs in your own time frame. This class is shorter, can be held over a day or over a few evenings in clinic. The cost is $750.

Refresher classes are available within clinic for those who have already done Calmbirth and would like to brush up on their skills and knowledge. This class is held in clinic.
The cost of a Refresher Class is $300.

$200.00 as a deposit is required to confirm your booking, and the balance is due 1 month prior to class or for those booking within 1 month of the class payment is made in full at time of booking.

Places are limited so book early to secure your place.

Bookings can be made online, just hit the book online now at the top of the page and go to Group Sessions.
For more information call Mel 0413 287 799.

Melinda offers different Care Packages:
1. Calmbirth with Doula Services
2. Calmbirth with Acupuncture sessions for getting your mindbody 'Birth Ready'
3. Calmbirth, Doula and Acupuncture all in one!

Call Melinda 0413 287 799
Date Class StartDate Class FinishTime StartTime Finish
2018-19 Dates
Saturday 27th OctoberSunday 28th October9.30am 5.30pm
Saturday 24th NovemberSunday 25th November9.30am5.30pm
Saturday 15th DecemberSunday 16th December9.30am5.30pm
Saturday 19th JanuarySunday 20th January9.30am5.30pm
Saturday 16th FebruarySunday 17th February9.30am5.30pm
Sunday 3rd MarchSunday 10th March9.30am5.30pm

Acupressure Workshop with Melinda Webb

“Promoting a Natural Labour and Partner Involvement”

Acupressure Points for Easing Labour and Birth

Acupressure is a brilliant tool that supports women in labour to lessen the intensity of a surge, often allowing for an easier birth.   They  help to avoid a medical induction.  Great for birthing partners to use at home from 38 weeks gestation, to help move baby down, and relax mum into labour.

Why Use Acupressure for Birth

Improves comfort levels

Great coping mechanism for labour

Gets contractions going and keeps them flowing

Allows for partner input

Helps with relaxation

Easily located and simple to learn when to use

Workshops are held ever 3rd Thursday, from 6-9pm.  Light refreshment is served, and an acupressure booklet is yours to take home in preparation for labour and birth.  A workshop is $80.

Bookings can be made in the Group Sessions on bookings page.


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