Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

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Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine assist in the prevention of disease, treating the symptoms and the cause while also offering a holistic approach linking body, mind, spirit and effectively treating common ailments.  It involves the insertion of fine needles into the body as this stimulates points, helping with inflammation and treating signs and symptoms that come with health issues.

At our Rozelle clinic in Sydney’s inner west, you can find a range of Chinese acupuncture services that you can benefit from. Our acupuncture services are conveniently located for residents in Balmain and the surrounding suburbs.

Acupuncture is used for:

  • chronic or acute pain
  • irregular or painful periods
  • fertility & IVF support
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • digestive complaints
  • stress and anxiety
  • headache and migraine
  • fatigue
  • sleep issues
  • improving general wellbeing

Offering a range of fertility and IVF acupuncture treatments

At our practice, we use IVF and fertility acupuncture to work on balancing your hormones and helping you transform your health while also working on any concerns you may have.

  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • heavy menstrual bleeding
  • painful periods
  • uterine fibroids
  • irregular menstruation
  • ovarian cysts
  • menopausal concerns

When to have IVF acupuncture

We recommend having acupuncture prior to your IVF treatments to help prepare your body. We can help with any uncomfortable side effects from the stimulation phase, and help with anxiety or stress during this time.  Having an acupuncture treatment after egg collection is recommended.

On the day of embryo transfer, we recommend a treatment before and after transfer.  We use protocols based on clinical trials. After the fertilised egg has been transferred to your uterus, acupuncture is used to help stabilise the body for implantation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our IVF and fertility acupuncture treatments, contact our Rozelle clinic today.

Acupuncture for every stage of your pregnancy, including for a natural labour

We offer a program to cover all your needs during pregnancy, labour and birth.  Please get in touch with any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy.

The First trimester: 1- 12 weeks 

The first trimester for some can be a time of tiredness, feeling hungry, with cravings for things you don’t normally eat, while some have an aversion to foods they usually enjoy.  Nausea, a metallic taste, and sickness are common in this time.  It is a time of importance with development and growth.

Acupuncture for early pregnancy can help address:

  • miscarriage dangers
  • nausea, vomiting
  • fatigue, insomnia
  • anxiety, fear
  • emotional and physical exhaustion
  • constipation
  • reflux, heartburn
  • cold and flu

Second Trimester: 13 to 28 weeks

During this trimester of pregnancy, women start to feel better.  This is when you can start to feel great and enjoy your pregnancy.

Acupuncture for Second Trimester can help address:

  • heartburn/reflux
  • back ache and sciatica
  • symphysis pubis pain
  • restless legs
  • headache, migraine
  • carpal tunnel
  • swelling/oedema
  • anaemia
  • varicose veins
  • constipation
  • haemorrhoids

Third trimester: 28 to 40 weeks

The final three months of pregnancy, women can feel larger and heavier.  Weight can change with the increase of amniotic fluid and a growing baby.  Some women start to feel tired and uncomfortable. with a few minor issues.

Acupuncture for third trimester can help address:

  • cramping
  • anaemia
  • poor sleep
  • abdominal pain
  • swelling/oedema
  • anxiety
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • premature labour
  • getting your body prepared for labour
  • gestational diabetes
  • boosting immune system

From 36 weeks

Acupuncture is used to ensure proper positioning of baby and getting your body balanced, energised and preparing you both physically and emotionally for becoming a mother.  Ask about our treatment packages and about acupuncture for a natural labour.

We Recommend

  • Week 36-37: one treatment per week
  • 38: two treatments per week
  • 39: three treatments per week

Preparation for Labour 

Ripening the cervix from 38 weeks, and for when you are over your due date. Two treatments per week are recommended to get you prepared for birth, boosting your energy and helping with stress and sleepless nights.  As well as acupuncture to prepare for a natural labour and acupuncture for labour induction, we also provide other pregnancy and labour services.

Breech and posterior babies

Acupuncture and moxibustion are used with breech and posterior babies from 34 weeks of pregnancy. With the use of moxa done for 10 days, exercises and postural positions we help you get your baby back into the ideal birthing position.

Care after baby – the fourth trimester

This period can be seen as the first six weeks after the baby is born.  We are here to enhance your wellbeing, or as we call it ‘mother roasting’.  We use both acupuncture and moxa to help aid with recovery.

Acupuncture for fourth trimester can help with:

  • bleeding
  • breastfeeding problems
  • urinary problems
  • sweating
  • afterpains
  • perineal soreness
  • emotional problems
  • fatigue and exhaustion

Care after a cesarean section

  • scar healing
  • emotional stresses
  • general wellbeing

Enquiring about our range of women’s health and fertility acupuncture treatments

At the Art of Health and Wellbeing, we offer fertility and IVF acupuncture, and acupuncture to help your body with naturally going into labour in Rozelle.  If you have any concerns not listed above please contact us to see if we can help.

If you’re searching for IVF acupuncture or fertility acupuncture in the Rozelle and Balmain areas, we are located just a short drive from Balmain and Leichhardt in Sydney’s Inner Western suburbs and we can help you. You are welcome to contact us for a free 15-minute pre-treatment consultation to discuss how acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine can be beneficial to you.

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